Q:     How do you cut an onion without crying?

A:     The best way, is to refrigerate the onion, about 10 minutes before cutting. The cold neutralized the juices.    

Q:     If your stew is salty, how can you fix it?

A:     There are several ways to fix this, 1. is to peel a few potatos (2 is good) and add them to the stew and cook for approzimatly 10 minutes, the potatos 

        will absorb the salt and even out the flavor. 2. If you don't have whole potatos to peel, you can use instant potato flakes, use about half a cup should do fine

        and will thicken the stew.  3. Another option is a glass of wine added to the stew, this will also even out the flavor.

Q:     How do you boil an egg.

A:     The best way to boil an egg is to have your pot with a little more than half full of water, add your eggs and a teaspoon of salt. Once the water starts to

        boil, you start your timer. The egg's need to be in rapidly boiling water, for 7-10 minutes.

Q:     How to peel a boiled egg?

A:     Once your egg's are boiled, they need to cool off. Place the egg's in a bowl of cool water and let sit for 10 minutes or you can place them in cool water

        and refrigerate for 7-10 minutes, then peel. You should be able to remove the peel without tearing the egg.  

Q;     How do you get rid of fried fish odors?

A:     Put on a pot of cinnamon water, to boil, while your fish is cooking. in a small to medium pot, fill it half way with water and 4-5 tablespoons of cinnamon and

        bring to a rapid boil, then reduce the heat to the lowest setting and let simmer, while the fish is cooking.





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