******Tasty Tidbits*****

A pantry, is an essential part of the kitchen, and doesn't have to be a large walk in space, (it's great if you have the room) Incase your kitchen doesn't have a traditional space for a pantry, there are a lot of different ways to have a pantry.

You can use your kitchen cabinets, pantry furniture (like free standing cabinets) or an over the door pantry shelf unit.

Most items have a pretty good shelf life, always check the expiration dates, when purchasing your items.

Below are a few pantry items and their shelf life.

Sugar = 24 months
Brown Sugar = 12-24 months
Confectioners Sugar = 4-6 months
Uncooked Rice = 1 year
Flavored Rice = 4-6 months
Pasta = 12-24 months Unlike egg noodles = 4-6 months
Baking powder = 18 months
Cornmeal = 12 months
Coffee = 24 months
Grits = 12 months




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